Have you recently been looking for a photo booth to rent for your wedding? Do you have a fun event approaching and you want to make sure that your guests have a remarkable time? Do you simply want 6ix photobooths rental for your event?

6ix photobooth rental in toronto
Our Social Booth (Ring light Photo Booth)

Your guests can spend a minute in our photo booth and make memories that last a lifetime! We can print 6ix photobooth strips that are 2×6 inches, or you can have them 4×6 prints instead! If you would rather nix the printing altogether then we can offer you our new Social Booth! Our Social Booth (ring light booth) offers social media sharing, direct downloads, etc.

With the Social Media Photo Booth your guests will receive a link to a special microsite that we create for you. Each photo session gets its own link to download or share those photos! Our 6ix photobooths are designed to be as much fun as possible! We even have the option to “make it mobile” and walk around your party, instead of being jammed up in a corner “out of the way”. <a href=
“https://www.photoboothguys.ca#contact”>Talk to us today</a> and let’s figure out what is right for your party!

When you’re searching for a 6ix photobooth rental in Toronto, make sure to find some reviews on the company you’re planning to hire! Our Google reviews build up slowly, because not everyone wants to write a review, but when you look, you see a common theme among our photo booth rentals. A company like <a href=”https://www.funsnaps.ca”>Fun Snaps Photo Booth Rental</a> doesn’t have reviews yet as they are pretty new to the industry, but knowing them, they share the same values and principals as we do and we’d be glad to work next to them any day of the week!

Reach out today and we can discuss your event, and even show you how your prints could look!

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