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Affordable Photo Booth! Paying too much for your rental?

Are you renting a photo booth for your wedding? Still in the planning stages? Struggling to find a cheap or affordable photo booth rental? Let’s talk about it!

A photo booth, in general, is a lot of technology. Either an expensive tablet, or a camera and computer combo. Add in some lighting, a printer, props, and a backdrop, than a case to keep it all looking neat and tidy! Many providers are charging a premium price for certain trendy upgrades that basically do the same thing. An affordable photo booth for your wedding is closer than you think! When you think cheap, you still want quality and there is no reason that you can’t get both! Look for a photo booth that has all the features that you’re looking for; open air (not enclosed), social sharing (via text or email), on-site printing (fast and good quality), self-contained lighting (in case the lighting at the event isn’t up to par). Once you know what you want for your wedding or party, then you know what to look for on vendor’s websites. It’s super easy to shop around and find the right booth, for the right price!

Photobooth Guys to the rescue! We have several photo booth options that won’t break the bank. Our prices start at $250 for our Social Booth, and $350 for our Traditional style Photo Booth with printing on-site. Contact us and let’s talk about your party! We can give you some custom options that will help make your event one of a kind and have it stand out from any events you went to before!

When you rent a photo booth in Toronto from Photobooth Guys, we ensure that you’re 100 percent happy! We create a custom print template for you. We work on your behalf to ensure that the print template is up to your standards and will create revisions until it’s exactly the photo booth print that you want. Photobooth Guys is here to help YOU for your event, so your satisfaction is what we desire.

Our photobooth Toronto rentals are fun and fearless. We are sure to get your guests lined up and ready for action in the photo booth. Pick up a prop and get ready for action! Once the countdown starts you just strike a pose and the photo booth will do the rest! Once it’s done, a couple prints will be on their way for you. You’ll also have the option to share your photo booth print by sms text message or by email. Once you receive it in a few moments you can save it to your phone or tablet and share it to your favourite social media site! Give us a call and lets get your photo booth rental reserved today!

toronto photo booth rental
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