Should You Use a Photo Booth Backdrop?

You may be asking yourself if you should get a backdrop when you rent your photo booth for your event and the answer is: maybe…

Backdrops come in all different colours, patterns, shiny and matte. There is something for any theme you can think of, be it a wedding, or just a party. Some companies will include a complimentary “standard” backdrop or charge a small fee for a premium backdrop Like Gold?. You can also have a custom printed backdrop for your event (think red carpet style). These can be pricey but certainly bring a HUGE custom look to your photos. One thing you have to take into consideration is space; how much is available at your venue?

Our photo booth needs an area approximately 10’x10′ but when you factor in the backdrop, it increases the footprint and sometimes that space simply isn’t available. In addition to being wider we have to consider vertical space. The top of the backdrop needs to stay out of the photo, so it needs to be approximately 7′ high. Depending on where you plan on putting the photo booth, this could prove to be an issue.

Some venues are so beautiful that you may opt to just have no backdrop and let the background speak for itself! I’m thinking floral walls, fire places, rustic wood, or maybe a gorgeous painting! Whatever it is, let it show! If you are working with an event planner I’m sure they could let you know if there is something like this!

Once you’ve made your decision it’s just a matter of selecting a colour or pattern that goes with your event. We offer a few standard choices for our events, and have even printed a custom wedding backdrop.

If you want something a little different, something that will make your guests say “wow!” then let us know your thoughts!

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