toronto wedding photo booth rental

Why You want a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

1. FUN!!

Have you ever been to a beautiful wedding where you sit down, the hall is decorated just beautifully, the bride looks gorgeous and the cake delicious? You sit and eat, and eat, and eat some more. You are looking for that one extra thing, the umph to this fantastic wedding, but you just don’t see anything. That’s where we come in!

Our photo booth rental is that one extra thing that enables your guests to have a GREAT time! They jump in front of the photo booth with your custom backdrop, grab some props, and have a blast making funny faces!

Check if your date is available today!

Our photo booth brings your guests together! People will surely jump in together for a photo! Afterward they can take their print home with them! Each photo session gets a couple prints for your guests; they will love it!

The party’s not over until the bride and groom jump in for a photo, or 5! Once people get a glimpse of you taking photos, everyone will want one to take home! You’ll leave people with a lasting memory of your wedding! Pictures stay on the refrigerator for months, always reminding your guests of what a great party you threw! Call or email us today!

Once you get in on the action you’ll be wondering why you waited so long! I’m not one for being in photos, myself. But when I get in-front of the photo booth and see myself on the screen, I love to grab some silly props and stay there for as long as I can! I usually go home with at least 5 prints with friends and family in each photo. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pair over-sized glasses and put them on, then pose for the pic!

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