Our Glam Booth Makes You Look GOOOOOD!

You ended up here either by accident or because you know exactly what you’re looking for…. Either way, I am happy you made it here! When you rent our Glam Booth you can be sure you and your guests are going to look great!

Our glam booth knocks out gorgeous black and white prints for your guests to take home and love forever!

Black and white glam images add a razzle dazzle to your event! Pair it with our white or silver sequin backdrop and you’ve got yourself a beautiful setup! You’ve seen them on TV, and on social media, and they look great! Your guests will love the look and appreciate the effort you put in for their benefit! The photos you get from the glam booth are retouched by our software just a bit to smooth out skin, take care of minor blemishes, etc. making everyone appear fantastic! Reach out to us today and let’s talk about it!

Party Events Black & White Photo Booth Rental
Black & White Photo Booth Rental in Party Events
Black & White Photo Booth Rental
Black and White Photo Booth Rentals

Most times for the glam booth you’re going to want to forget the props. The black and white glam booth calls for a higher level of class, and with your guests they are going to be all that is needed to make the photos look great. We usually offer 4×6 prints for the glam booth but you still have the option of the classic 2×6 strips with a tasteful logo at the bottom of the print. 
Once your event is complete we will give you a copy of all the beautiful photos taken at your event. 

Create Unforgettable Memories With a Photo Booth

Reach out to us today to rent a photo booth for your event!