Renting a photo booth for a party?

Our photo booth is designed for fun! Whether it’s a party for you and your friends, or a company party with your coworkers, our photo booth brings a special dynamic to the party! 
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If you’re planning a party then you should definitely be considering a photo booth rental!

Renting a photo booth for your party is a fantastic add-on that will bring fun & laughter to your event! Hiring a professional photo booth rental ensures that your event goes off without a hitch. Our attendant stays for the entire rental time and makes sure your guests have a great time. We use professional equipment from a DSLR camera and high quality lighting, to a fast dye-sub printer that completes prints in a few seconds. We set up your choice of backdrop to make sure you have a clean background in all the images.

Wondering what it will cost to rent a photo booth for your event? Our prices start at $400 for 2 hours, but check out our pricing page to learn more!

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Create Unforgettable Memories With a Photo Booth

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